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3D Animation

Set Construction

Set made using Maya and Photoshop.

Set made using Maya and Photoshop. More Advanced lighting set-up and working with caustics.

Character Modelling and Animation

"0" (Zero)

An original character concept based on the movie 9.

A 3D recreation of a comic page and a clip from a corresponding animation. Made with Maya, Photoshop and AfterEffects. Original Characters, 2D animation and comic by Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza; www.lfgcomic.com

Modelling of Eevee, Leafeon and Glaceon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon character designs owned Nintendo, Gamefreak

A very short animation I made just to play with the quadruped rig for the pokemon models


Photo Restoration

A photo restoration job done in photoshop. The original image was cleaned up and damaged sections were fixed. Colour was then added. This image is the original, the restoration and the final coloured piece.


Fire Emblem Website Mock-up

A 4 page mock-up for a Flash website based on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance game Fire Emblem. All the images are offical Nintendo art.


Zegap Website

View Code

This is a website created for the Zegap company. It was a four person project created entirely with original content.

Project Manager - Paola Chusyd
Creative - Toya Gavin
Coding - Chel Willard
Testing - Brian Medeiros

Fire Emblem Website Proof of Concept

A Flash proof of concept for my Fire Emblem Website Mock-Up (see above). The Mock-up was transferred into Flash and coded to demonstrate the transitions, button actions and content window actions. As the site was never made into a finished product it remains without content. All images are Property of Nintendo Intelligent Systems.



A Short story I wrote. One of many and one of my favourites. I'd summarize...but I'd rather you read it.