"0" (Zero)

0 was the original prototype made by The Professor upon starting his project to save humanity. However upon attempting to transfer Vitae into the body an error occoured causing a malfunction in 0's circuitry. Although 0 had indeed gained Life, he had no self awareness, little more intelligence than an atomaton, and was still unable to communicate in anything other than guttural sounds. Due to this lack of what we would call Humanity, 0 was deemed a failure and the Professor began work on the next attempt, which would be later named 1. 0 is marked with no number on him as he was not considered a successful creation. During the war 0's right arm was crushed and broken off above the elbow. To compensate for this deficiency he was equipped with 6 spider-like needle legs attached to his back to facilitate mobility and agility. While 0 may not seem to have been a success, he infact did recieve humanity in the transfer Vitae. The malfunction made his system unable to access the Vitae inside him and as such he is driven by a need to reclaim the talisman in an attempt to unlock the power from within him.